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With a background of classic studies (yes, Ancient Greek, Latin and philosophy!) which nourished my curiosity and ability to think creatively in abstract ways, I followed a variety of interests including art, fashion, photography, film and – my teenage obsession – music. After collaborating with record companies as Sony, Virgin and Polygram, I started my career in fashion communication at Energy Project, a Swedish creative agency with clients as Levi’s, Sisley, Benetton and so on. With that strong formative experience, I was hired as Art Director – and subsequently Creative Director – for Sportswear International, a fashion publication mainly dedicated to denim and streetwear culture, worldwide recognized as the market leader. In that position, which I still hold as freelance, I looked after the visual aspect of the magazine but also worked side by side with photographers and stylists on the realization of each fashion shoot. Doing that, I’ve overseen every single step of the creative process: from the original concept brainstorming to the actual shooting in studio or location until the final page layout. Beside my editorial work, I followed several commercial projects, mostly in the fashion business, as lookbooks, advertorials and catalogues. In the last years I also focused on the Asian market, supervising the creative direction of one of the most interesting and trendy Chinese jeans label. For that client I’ve overseen every aspect of their communication, developing the creative vision of the brand from its name and logo to store image, strategic positioning, e-commerce, advertising image and fashion videos, with the results of an incessant company growth in both scale and relevance. Although my studio is based in Milan, my working experience has developed worldwide, following photos and film shoots in New York, L.A., London, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Stockholm and so on. After many years in the fashion industry working for international, national and local clients, I am always ready to jump on a plane and bring my creative ideas, expertise and inspiration to the next challenge.


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